Cultural Diversity Week

Cultural Diversity Week brings together Victorians from all walks of life to promote community harmony and celebrate the many cultures that make our state so vibrant.  

Coordinated by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the celebration extends over one week and coincides with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March.

The two major events of the week are the Premier's Gala Dinner to launch the celebrations and the Victoria Multicultural Festival to end the week with a bang. We were fortunate to have been invite yet again to capture all the colour and excitement of these major events.

Deaf artist can hear once more

(article from Paramatta Advertiser).

Sarah Tracton has two cochlear implants and says she's proud to be part machine part human.
The artist suffered from gradual hearing loss, leading to complete deafness in her 20s while she was completing her first art degree. Initially she learnt how to lip-read and marshalled her profound deafness to inspire her to work.
After her first cochlear implant in 2013 she re-entered the hearing world and has just had a second device fitted. 
It has improved her life and unlocked more artistic possibilities she says.
"My creativity has been positively impacted by my journey of hearing loss over a lifetime."
"I am more acutely attuned to the visuals of the world around me as a result.
"The cochlear implant has improved every facet of my life, from hearing conversations with to safety, for example hearing alarms and sirens. The quality of my life has improved exponentially and the continues to amaze me. 
With two implants I look forward to enjoying music in stereo with both ears."

Sarah Tracton is a multidisciplinary 2D and 3D artist.  An award-winning filmmaker, Churchill Fellow and current Creative Fellow at the State Library of Victoria, Sarah is a recent BFA graduate in Ceramics at the National Art School, East Sydney.

Check some pics below and a time lapse video of the photo shoot, 

For more on Sarah's work please go:


A leader in Australian Law Reform

We had the pleasure to photograph The Hon Marcia Neave AO for the Melbourne Law School News. 

"Law is a human instrument and is inevitably flawed, and some sometimes those flaws create injustice. What I'm interested in is how to rectify injustice, particularly for people who are powerless."

Click on the photos below to read the full article.

2017 Herald Sun Tour

For the second year running Artificial Studios were brought on board as the Visuals team for the 2017 Herald Sun Tour. Working with Editrix and Video Craft we supplied the shows' opening title animation and all other screen graphics for the events live broadcast which aired on SBS and Eurosport from 1st - 6th of February. We were very proud to be part of such a great production team and the broadcast went without a hitch. Stay tuned for our next live broadcast of the World Mountain Biking Championships.

Santa spotted in Melton

Santa Claus braved the heat to spread the joy in Melton. Santa's appearance was part of the The Community Stations Pilot Project. The Program was created to see if organised community and health activities at stations can help people feel a sense of belonging. We were excited to be invited to work with Santa to spread the joy of Christmas.

Many local families including young and old were very excited to have free photos with Santa at Melton Station. "I'm so happy to have these photos with Santa. It's the first time that my kids have their photos with Santa because I just can't afford to pay". Emotional words from one mum.

The pilot project started in October 2016 and concludes in March 2017. The aim of the pilot project is to discover whether particular activities at train stations can:

  • Improve community members knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about mental health

  • Create a positive environment at stations which will improve customer's well-being

The Community Station Pilot Project is brought to you by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) in partnership with the TrackSAFE Foundation, University of Melbourne's Centre for Mental Health, Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and V/Line to deliver a range of activities at four train stations – Dandenong, Ringwood, Sunshine and Melton stations.

Check out this time-lapse video of the shoot and portraits below.


Last month we worked with Vidcorp on a promotional video and quickly became excited over the product they offer.
VidCorp is a smart, simple and secure all in one mobile communication solution that distributes video content to target audiences on time, every time. Video messaging combined with mobile distribution channels enables easy reach, connection and communication with customers, staff and stakeholders. Vidcorp helps you unleash the full potential of mobile video communications to deliver unequaled persuasive messaging across your business.
Start a 14 day free trial simply by visiting the website and services at or call 1300 131 657 and speak to one of their friendly representatives to find out how transform the way you communicate. 

Blue September

Blue September is a nationwide awareness and fundraising initiative for men’s cancer, supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Bowel Cancer Australia. The Blue September campaign seeks to raise funds for breakthrough cancer research, as well as helping men reduce the risk of developing cancer by making better lifestyle choices. 

The Blue September TVC was shot in June 2015 at Kindred and Artificial Studios. MWC Media was the production company. The talented DOP was Ryan Blair. We had the pleasure of being the photographer and videographer for this worthwhile and quirky campaign. 

Celebrities from all walks of life are lending a hand to this national campaign to raise money to fight cancer in men. Some of these ambassadors are: Mark Holden, Gamble Breaux, Janet Roach, Harrison Craig and Derry Hinch who underwent liver transplant surgery to fight his own cancer battle. 

The campaign has quite a few partners and supporters. A special shout out goes to oOh! Media who have joined the fight again. You will find them on the Calder Fwy Keilor, Pacific Highway North Sydney, Monash Fwy Malvern and Sydney Airport. 

Check out for more information.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video.


Here's a sneak peak. For more photos please click our Facebook Gallery.

Donate Life

Words can't describe when you work on a project that actually saves people's lives. We worked on a campaign for Donate Life Week. It encourages people to donate their tissue and organs. One organ and tissue donor can transform the lives of 10 or more people.

Here are three special people that we had the honour to meet. 

Heart transplant recipient

Little Maisy received a lifesaving transplant at the age of 3.Maisy is a bubbly five year old who for half her life has had a new heart, thanks to a generous deceased donor. 

From very early on it was clear Maisy had a troublesome heart, at only 7 days old she had her first open heart transplant.

Mum Michelle: The contrast in quality of life is enormous.  Many donors with the support of their families have saved a life but they have also provided a quality of life which that person may not have never known before.  Every day I think of that Donor and their family, and I have so much gratitude that they choose to save a stranger. 


Liver transplant recipient

Ante is a young father to baby Iva and a grateful liver recipient. 
Without his life-saving transplant, Ante would never have seen his first child born or get back to enjoying an active family and work life. Ante received his liver transplant at the Austin in 2015.

Waiting for a kidney transplant

Rob is on the transplant waiting list for a kidney.  A transplant is his only chance to live a normal life.

He has been on dialysis for just over 2 years. Before then he was extremely active with a construction company (office based). He works 3 days a week when not on dialysis. Rob has already been through the tests for two live donor options (ex-wife & friend) without success and is now going through the process again with his son (initial tests to come back in August).

For Rob ‘the not knowing when you get the call’ is the difficult part. If he knew a date he could work for it, but described dialysis and waiting as ‘like being in jail’ from a restrictiveness perspective.

DLW2016_Poster_A4_Robert copy.jpg