When the world was created, Ranginui Sky Father was pressed against Papatūānuku Earth Mother. Their children did not like living in the cramped, dark space, so one of their sons, Tāne, the god of forests and birds, lay on his back and pushed up against the sky with his feet. The sky was ripped from the earth, giving life to the world we know. With the passing of time it has brought a sense of emptiness for Tane and he finds himself in a new world where his forest is no longer. Desperate to find his mother in this barren and grey concrete jungle, Tane calls for help from the father he once betrayed.

The City of Gods is a spin off of the NZ Maori creation story and exposes a deeper meaning behind Tane’s treachery. With a modern twist and flare of Indigenous fashion couture we will capture and bring this story to life in the laneways of Melbourne City, Australia. The story is inspired by Māori ecological principles and will display how cultural values and practices play an integral part in the lives of Maori today.