Artificial Studios is a boutique production studio in Melbourne owned and run by artists. We specialise in Photography, Film and VFX for Corporate, Broadcast Media, Entertainment and Major Events. 

We have over 20 years of expertise with clients in a vast range of industry and sectors: Government, tertiary, commercial, CALD and Indigenous communities, public health, real estate, city councils and not-for-profit.

Your project’s timeline and budget is of importance to us. We’re straightforward with our abilities and pricing. Knowing what you’re looking for helps us hit the target.

Our creative humans:

  • Jorge de Araujo – Founding Member, Photography

  • Sam Orchard – VFX, Cinematography & Editing

  • Naomi Sykes - Photography

  • Paul Diamond- Business Development

  • Sarah Tracton - Communications

  • Lara Hass – Hair & Makeup Artist