Jorge de Araújo - Photography

Jorge was born in Timor-Leste and settled in Austraya in 1993 with a pit stop in Portugal. Growing up everyone told him not to do photography so that’s exactly what he did.

Jorge has bucketloads of experience in photography. He has photographed just about anyone and anything including: CEOs, prime ministers, presidents, doctors, lawyers, dogs, plants, children, oldies, youngsters, very big groups, prima donnas, food, products, good and bad singers. 

Jorge comes from a community cultural development background and likes to donate his time to humanitarian causes specially Timor-Leste, using photography to advocate for social change. 


Jesse Broadhurst - Film & VFX

Melbourne born and bred, Jesse started his career as an illustrator in 2004. He quickly became interested in film and visual effects and started harassing the great minds that created films such as Harry Potter, Iron Man and Avatar to train him.

Not to be outdone by Jorge, Jesse also has bucketloads of production experience creating very cool projects in 3D modeling, animation, cinematography, editing and visual effects.

Jesse does nice things for nice people. He mentors filmmakers focusing on community and cultural development projects.