(article from Paramatta Advertiser).

Sarah Tracton has two cochlear implants and says she's proud to be part machine part human.
The artist suffered from gradual hearing loss, leading to complete deafness in her 20s while she was completing her first art degree. Initially she learnt how to lip-read and marshalled her profound deafness to inspire her to work.
After her first cochlear implant in 2013 she re-entered the hearing world and has just had a second device fitted. 
It has improved her life and unlocked more artistic possibilities she says.
"My creativity has been positively impacted by my journey of hearing loss over a lifetime."
"I am more acutely attuned to the visuals of the world around me as a result.
"The cochlear implant has improved every facet of my life, from hearing conversations with to safety, for example hearing alarms and sirens. The quality of my life has improved exponentially and the continues to amaze me. 
With two implants I look forward to enjoying music in stereo with both ears."

Sarah Tracton is a multidisciplinary 2D and 3D artist.  An award-winning filmmaker, Churchill Fellow and current Creative Fellow at the State Library of Victoria, Sarah is a recent BFA graduate in Ceramics at the National Art School, East Sydney.

Check some pics below and a time lapse video of the photo shoot, 

For more on Sarah's work please go: http://www.sarahtracton.com